Honors Pope With Free Bible Giveaway

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- To honor the life of Pope John Paul II, is offering its visitors free Bibles. The site - launched last month - is dedicated to putting free Bibles into the hands of thousands of Christians nationwide and charges only a modest shipping/handling fee for its products.

The story of the Bible is the story of God creating the world and making himself available to the people of our global village as they live their lives. God's good works and words as outlined in the Old and New Testaments form the foundation of faith, hope, love, devotion, and humanity. As such, believes that everyone who wants a Bible deserves one, and this new site is dedicated to furthering the word of God by giving away free bibles - particularly as our beloved Pope struggles for his life.'s new giveaway includes free paperback Bibles featuring the Old and New Testaments, bound in hunter green covers with gold-colored lettering as well as gold-tone miniature keychain Bibles specially designed for those who keep God as their co-pilot in the car and in life. Those claiming these handsome treasures for themselves, friends or family members pay only a modest shipping/handling fee, which helps continue its vital work.

While will offer a wide variety of premium Bibles and religious goods in the coming months, the site's main focus will be on the distribution of free Bibles, and new selections will be added regularly. Visitors can claim their free Bibles by visiting


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